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Please join this march and show your support for the campaign to see Cpl Stewart McLaughlin recognised for his incredible gallantry and leadership during the battle for Mount Longdon during the Falklands in 1982.

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Where :- Whitehall Place, London ... Map it

Date / Time :- Friday, 16 June 2017 at 11:00–14:30

From Steve Garside ... 23rd October 2016

Still we have people asking what this petition is all about. That's fine' as people should know why we are asking for their help....!

I hope this will answer all of their questions, and have them add their names to this petition, for a man who died along with others who were fighting for this government, who now look to have washed their hands of this posthumous MEDAL. It is up to us' to get their hands back into play, and to have them start signing some paper work that will have this MEDAL on it's way to this mans family.....!!!
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Still we have people asking what this petition is all about. That's fine' as people should know why we are asking for their help....!

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Grant Grinham
2nd November 2015 via Facebook

Read Citation

Be warned - this is a cup of tea and a refill length post!
As always, John Ross has put in to words the mixed emotions felt by many of us at the continuing disappointments and frustrations that have been delivered upon this campaign with the latest refusal to make a retrospective medal award to Cpl Stewart McLaughlin following our march earlier this year. Nevertheless, John also points out the many successes we have all achieved and we should not underestimate these.
This campaign may have not - yet - achieved its ultimate aim of seeing retrospective recognition for Cpl McLaughlin but we have achieved a great deal.

In the last few years, there has not been one single person from the M.o.D or the government that has failed to acknowledge the outstanding courage and bravery displayed by Cpl McLaughlin during the batlle for Mount Longdon. These people include several very senior officers of The Parachute Regiment, the Chief of the General Staff (Army), the previous Chairman of the Operational Honours and Awards Committee, Admiral Williams, and his successor, General Nugent, as well as many ministers of various government departments and, last but not least, the Prime Minister himself.

Whatever we feel about the failure of all this recognition - SO FAR- to achieve our aims, we must not , as John says, lose sight of the fact that, in actual fact, we are no longer fighting for Scouse McLaughlin to be recognised for his incredible actions, as that objective has long since been won. If we never eventually achieve the medal we all seek, I, for one, will feel I have kept the promises I made to see his name and actions given the honour both deserve.
However, we are far from beaten and there is still plenty of fight left in me and the members of this group, so the batlle goes on to get the medal. Our challenge now lies in how to bring our campaign to a wider audience and in so doing increase the pressure we bring to bear. On John's post there are a number of excellent suggestions, some of which were already in action and others that have been immediately investigated.
- A letter template that can be downloaded and used for individuals to send to their MPs, or others, will be put in the group files soon.

- Stewart McLaughlin has today spoken to a documentary team about the possibility of a documentary being made about Cpl McLaughlin. There was very strong interest expressed in doing that, so wait out for further developments.

The 3rd march in London will take place on Friday 1st July 2016. To explain to some why we do not use the date of the battle for Mount Longdon, the July date is chosen as it coincides with Airborne Forces Weekend, which begins on the next day. This means additional expenses for travel and accommodation are kept to a minimum for hundreds of people attending both events.

The online petition is still live and needs to be shared and pushed as much as possible. Steve Garside continues to push this along with a core of others. Please - ALL members of the group push the petition amongst your family, friends and colleagues.This can go worldwide so get it out to everyone wherever they are.

Any more ideas, please just post on the group page. As we've said before,, there is no hierarchy in this group. We are all in it together for a common cause, so feel free to throw ideas in. Where possible, they will be actioned.
Finally, let's all start sharing the news of the march and make sure we make it an even bigger and better affair than last year's fantastic event.
See you in London!


Latest news from Parliament / Newsfeed / Stewart McLaughlin Jnr and the team fighting Cpl McLaughlin corner

20th June 2015

#*#*# TIMINGS #*#*#

Be their from 11.00 please

12.00 form up on Whitehall Place pavement, leaving the road clear

12.20 quick safety talk Tony Dunn. Then John weeks takes over the parade

12.25 on parade

12.30 march off

13.00 party to Downing St

This has been checked and checked, by UKSF, Para Reg RHQ, Airborne Forces RHQ, and agreed the final stone, i'm sure out there, everyone has their own knowledge and stories of friends and Bro's , but lets now get on with Dry cleaning the suit or Blazer, polishing the medals, and reshaping the Beret and turn up and pay your respects to their names on this great day!!!


23rd May 2015

Formally recognise Cpl Stewart McLaughlin with a posthumous gallantry award. Please sign the latest petition

Campaign for Recognition

1st April 2015

No more Excuses

Timing to be comfirmed sooner to the date ...


28th February 2015

Many of you will have received an email concerning the govevernment e petition. My family and I are extremely disappointed that the email refers to only the government's view of the outcome of the investigation. The view of the family is that we do not, in any way, shape or form, agree with the government. The investigation was not as thorough as promised and did not look at all available evidence. We do know that Cpl McLaughlin WAS treated differently to others as his citation WAS NOT seen by an awards committee, wheras others put forward were seen.

We will be seeking an addendum to the e petition email that allows the family to tell the 10 000 + our side of the story. In our opinion, the government have abused their position by sending their viewpoint to 10 000+ people without alliwing us to do the same.

Please do not think this investigation is is not!! We are pushing strongly for our campaign to have all the correct evidence and documents examined.
I thank you all for the support and we will keep you posted.

24th February 2015

THE FIGHT GOES ON and ON ... THE FIGHT GOES ON and ON ... THE FIGHT GOES ON and ON, The date of the march is: Friday 3rd July 2015.

Following the government's flawed investigation in to the circumstances surrounding my father's citation for gallantry, and their refusal to engage in any meaningful discussion of evidence we have presented to them, my family is determined to continue our campaign and to demonstrate the support we have amongst the members of this group, serving and former members of the Armed Forces and many thousands of civilians who feel that my father's case is exceptional and is deserving of further review by the government.

The members of this group and all other supporters of the campaign are invited to join members of the McLaughlin family on a second march to Downing Street to hand in further documents and evidence of the support we have for this campaign, including names we intend to gather via a second petition.
The date of the march is: Friday 3rd July 2015. Full details of timings and meeting locations will be posted nearer the date, Bob Craft has arrange for the Brentwood Imperial youth band to play on the day of the March

The first march was a huge success, with around 500 people marching on the day and was instrumental in moving the campaign forward. Please help us make this second march an even bigger and more successful event. We hope to see in excess of 1000 people march with us on Friday 3rd July 2015. Please sign up and show your support and make sure you can say "I marched for Scouse McLaughlin".

Many thanks,
Stewart McLaughlin Jnr.Facebook link


11th February 2015 This e-petition is now closed with 10,542 signatures

8th February 2015
The fight goes on, and on, and on ... Government refuses medal for Cpl Stewart McLaughlin [ The Fight goes on ] ... read more here

26th January 2015 ... Answered 29th January 2015
Written question by Dan Jarvis MP ...
Lord Astor of Hever, will discuss the results of the investigation with Corporal McLaughlin's family shortly ... please read here

25th January 2015
From Stewart McLaughlin
Following the 10k landmark I have had a lot of messages asking if we have an update. I have been informed that the government are near finishing their enquiries and we should have some news very soon. I understand this is taking a long time but I am more than happy to give them the time they need to make the correct decision.

Thanks again to everyone for the support and positive comments ... Please keep signing the petition



23rd December 2014
Cpl Stewart McLaughlin's son Stewart attended the unveiling at Liverpool Cathedral.
The brick was laid on the People's Path at Liverpool Cathedral earlier.... read more

8th December 2014

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, pursuant to the Answer of 1 December 2014 to Question HL2898, when she expects the re-examining of the case of the late Corporal McLaughlin to be completed.

Anna Soubry:
Re-examination of the case will be concluded by the end of the year and I hope to report our conclusions in early January.

Falkland Islands: Written question - HL2898 ... Asked by Lord Ashcroft on: 18th November 2014

Answered by: Lord Astor of Hever on: 1st December 2014

24th November 2014

Dan Jarvis MP has just asked Anna Soubry MP in The House of Commons to confirm that there will be an investigation. She confirmed that and stated about Stewart McLaughlin, "what he did on the Falkland Islands was remarkable"


A adjournment debate has been granted to debate Formal recognition for Corporal Stewart McLaughlin in Westminster Hall, Parliament (Westminster Palace) next Tuesday 18th November at 11am ... Be there from 9.30am please

I appreciate it is short notice but supporters are welcome to attend.

The debate has been granted to Angela Eagle but Dan Jarvis will also direct questions too.

Both MPs have lobbied hard for a long time now and have done fantastically well to get this debate. Let's hope that it helps the campaign get the wider support it needs and gets more MPs on board.

Dan Jarvis's background was an officer of 3 PARA


Published 23rd November 2014
Anna Soubry, the Government Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, has told this newspaper (Mail on Sunday) that the Ministry of Defence will make ‘rigorous and extensive enquiries into his case on behalf of his family’.


Published on Jul 5, 2014 on youtube

Video shows News items and photo slideshow of the day the Paras marched on London to hand in the petition to award a posthumous retrospective bravery award to Cpl Stewart McLaughlin killed for the battle of Mount Longdon during the Falklands War of 1982. The petition was formally handed to Downing Street


Cpl Stewart McLaughlin's Elizabeth Cross.

Campaign for Recognition

Please sign our Government e-petition Created by: Stewart McLaughlin

Responsible department: Ministry of Defence

Download Petition signature sheet

Cpl Stewart McLaughlin's Elizabeth Cross.

This group has been established for the purpose of providing information to all those persons who wish to support a campaign seeking formal recognition for Corporal Stewart McLaughlin ... We are Marching on 10 Downing St, Whithall, London ... 4th July 2014 please join us

The timings and locations for the march in London on Friday 4th July are:
assemble in Whitehall Place (SW1a2HD; next to Ministry of Defence) by 12:00 in readiness for the parade to form up at 12:30 under the supervision of a 3 Para legend...John Weeks ( CSM B Coy 3 Para during the battle for Mount Longdon).

We will march at approx 13:00 hrs and deliver the petition and accompanying documents. The marching group will march to Richmond Terrace and a group will detach to hand in documents. It is likely a member of the McLaughlin family will wish to address the marching group at this location. The parade will fall out and regroup at the Wellington circa 14:30.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible on the day. We will get one chance to do this..let's do it right and in a fashion that befits the man we are marching for.

Preferred dress code is suit/ blazer, beret and medals. We will hopefully have several PRA standards in attendance too.

Latest updates ...
This morning we received (4th June) confirmation from Lt Gen Sir Hew Pike, our Commanding Officer, on Mount Longdon, that he will be marching side by side with us on the 4th July. As everyone is aware Sir Hew took the unprecedented step in 2013, when he wrote a retrospective citation for Stewart, and personally submitted it to the then Chief of the General Staff. Sir Hew is immensely proud to have commanded 3 Para during the Falklands campaign, and I know I speak for all when I say we were proud to serve under his command. His support and admiration for the McLaughlin family, in their efforts to get recognition for Stewart is genuine and unwavering. I'm sure he will get a warm welcome from all on the 4th July.

We received confirmation today (5th June) that the Rev David Cooper, as many know, was the legendary 2 Para padre during the Falklands campaign, will conduct a short service of remembrance, for all our fallen at the conclusion of our march in July. This will be a poignant act, and totally appropriate for the occasion. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM

By John Ross

I put together a couple of verses shortly after 4th July 2014 march on Dowing St, hopefully I can inflict a victory ode on people soon!

Upright, proud, and dignified they marched along the way,
From every generation they fought, so you could have your say,
Some now frail in body, but so strong in their will,
To carry on the fight for right, determined they are still,
Red, Sand, and Green berets, marching down the road as one,
Medals and Crosses old and new, shining brightly in the sun,
Why were they there, many asked, why did they travel here today,
Well the answer to that my friend, they were there to have their say.

They were men who’d seen it all, they’d faced the gates of hell,
All throughout the ages, oh what stories they could tell,
Their country they do dearly love, and honour they do cherish,
And for that love and honour, so many past, did perish,
And one brave man, was on their minds, a man no longer here,
Who fought and died, for all they loved, and all that they held dear,
He was the bravest of the brave, a hero to them all,
And for Scouse to get his just reward, they all marched down Whitehall.

© JR

Falklands (Operation Corporate)
1 April 1982 – 14 June 1982

This is the Facebook Group


This is Stewart's Twitter Page

The citation was written by General Sir Hew Pike (Commanding Officer, 3 Para, Falklands).

He wrote this new citation in Sept 2013, following a meeting with the McLaughlin family and former comrades of Cpl McLaughlin. General Sir Hew Pike commented that, in his opinion, the citation placed Cpl. McLaughlin's actions "firmly in the vicinity of a V.C". This is exactly what his comrades always felt. General Pike has given the most fantastic support to the family's campaign by writing the citation ... read it here

To be absolutely clear, any serving or former member of any of the armed services, and civilian supporters associated with this group (i.e.your family members and friends as well as any civilian members of the group), are not only welcome to join the march but are openly invited.

Please can you all share this information amongst the various military / veteran communities and groups that you are involved with and encourage any interested supporters to join us on the day. This march is intended to be a show of the strength and depth of feeling regarding the issue of a retrospective gallantry award for Cpl Stewart McLaughlin.

We need a minimum of 500 (and preferably 600 or 700!) people on the march in order to have the impact that will be needed to back up our call for a change to the awards system in order to make it possible to decorate a hero with the medal he earned but was never awarded.

To see, and be part of, that group of people assembled in 10 Dowing St, Whithall, London ... 4th July 2014 ready to march to Downing Street will be amazing. If there is any group of people around that can make this happen it is the military family led all the way by the Airborne Brotherhood. Come on, lads - we can do it!


Stewart McLaughlin

Wings 3 Para


This group has been established for the purpose of providing information to all those persons who wish to support a campaign seeking formal recognition for Corporal Stewart McLaughlin. Cpl McLaughlin served in B Company, 3 Para during the battle for Mount Longdon, June 1982. Throughout the battle, Cpl McLaughlin performed with outstanding personal bravery and displayed exemplary leadership, inspiring all those around him.

His actions were noticed by many throughout the night battle, as he led attack after attack on enemy positions and was seen to be instrumental in maintaining momentum for B Company's attack at times when the outcome was far from certain. Having fought heroically throughout the night, Cpl McLaughlin was seriously injured by mortar fire the morning after. Whilst being assisted to walk to the regimental aid post for treatment, he was killed by artillery fire.

Despite his actions being widely recognised by his comrades and officers within the battalion, and considered by many to be deserving of a significant award for gallantry, Corporal McLaughlin was never recognised by any award for gallantry.

Since the glaring omission of Corporal McLaughlin from the list of those awarded for their gallantry during the Falkland's Campaign, his family and comrades have maintained a campaign to seek formal recognition for his major contribution to the victory achieved by The Third Battalion The Parachute Regiment on Mount Longdon.


The Team


Stewart McLaughlin jnr, his uncles Mark and Russell, John Ross and Grant Grinham.

Contact details:-
Grant Grinham via E-Mail

John Ross and Grant Grinham served in 5 pln B Coy 3 Para during the battle for Longdon.
John was the platoon sargeant and Grant Grinham was a Tom in Scouse's section.

We are Marching on 10 Downing St 4th July 2014

I have more fantastic news for the campaign. The 2 Ic of 3 Para 82, Roger Patton, will be marching with us on 4th July.

Facebook link


Update by John Ross 3 Para.

To all who have responded so far a huge thanks, most of you have been aware of the ongoing campaign which has been driven by Stewart Jnr, and The McLaughlin family. To date it has been unbelievable, and I certainly never really believed it would reach the levels it has. To summarise where we are, Stewart's case has been reviewed by the last Chief of the General Staff, this was achieved through Gen Sir Hew Pike, who wrote a retrospective citation for Stewart, recognising his unbelievable bravery on Mt Longdon.

Stewart's brother Mark, Stewart Jnr, and Grant recently met with the a Naval Admiral, who chairs the Honours & Awards Committee, seeking a review of Stewart's case. At all levels it has been acknowledged that Stewart's actions fully merited formal recognition, indeed his case was described as "extraordinary" by the Admiral. The first hurdle has been cleared, in getting acknowledgement from on high that Cpl Stewart McLaughlin deserved to be honoured for his actions.

The next phase of the campaign is to tackle the beuracratic rules that are the only barrier in getting the citation written by Sir Hew actioned. Whilst precedent may be against us, new precedents can be set, but to achieve that we need to be united in our resolve to force both the political, and military beuracracy, to disregard the ludicrous 5 year rule, which bars considerations for awards after that time. New precedents have been set in relation to Campaign Medals, in respect of the Arctic Convoys and Bomber Command, which were rightly acknowledged to have been grave injustices to brave men. We now need to achieve the same result in respect of an individual award. Apologies for being a bit long winded, but a book could be written covering all events to date. It is great to see people already stepping forward in offering support, a lot of planning will need to take place, we have all played to win, and I know our Airborne spirit can overcome any obstacle! Please start bringing guys on board, the more we have on board, the stronger we are.

From Grant Grinham

From Grant Grinham

Before Scouse made this charge, the entire section was completely pinned down in open ground.

He stood up while the enemy sustained fire (SF) gun was firing directly at the section.

In total defiance of the enemy and in a display of astonishing bravery, he opened his arms wide, urged the section to follow him and ran forward in to the gunfire.

Such was his example that every single member of the section followed him.

The exemplary leadership and personal bravery displayed in this incident undoubtedly saved members of the section from serious injury or fatalities.

This act alone was worthy of the highest award.

It was to be one of many he performed through the night.



Battle of Mount Longdon






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