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Pegasus Forces Lodge 9393

Patron of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Pegasus Forces Lodge was Consecrated on 5th December 1990
at Edward Street Temple, Aldershot. Hampshire.

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Sprig of Acacia
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Sprig of Acacia

The Acacia is symbolic in Freemasonry of the immortality of the soul. It is intended to remind us, by its evergreen and unchanging nature, of that better, spiritual part within all of us - a part which, coming from the Great Architect of the Universe, can never die. We are sorry to learn that the following brethren have recently passed to that 'Grand Lodge above'. Their departed merit will be missed by Freemasons in "The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Hampshire and Isle of Wight" and our thoughts are with all who knew and loved them - family, friends and Masonic brethren:

sprig of Acacia

Bro Victor Tudor Owen Carmichael PPAGStB (H&IOW), PPAGPurs (Surrey) 17 Aug 1920 - 10 Aug 2013 read more here

W. Bro Frank Harold Maidment, PPGSwdB (Surrey) 04 June 1921 - 05 April 2013 (Founder Member)

Bro. Steve (Hank) Hood Initiated on 24th April 1996 ... passed away 3rd January 2013 read more here

Bro. Les Myers, 30 June 1938 - 17 August 2010.

W. Bro. Ronald Banwell Follett, PPJGW. Founder Member, 15 May - 22 April 2010. - (Honorary Member)

W. Bro. Nigel J. Buckingham, PJGD. 30 August 1932 - 13. August 2008. - (Honorary Member)

W. Bro. Edward (Ted) P. Fitzgibbons, PPGSwbdB. (Berks) PPDepGReg. (Middx) SLGR. Founder Member 27 February - 28 November 2007.

Bro. R.C. Planson, 28 August - 26. March 2007.

W. Bro. Alan G.A. Dunham, 23 January - 26. November 2006.

W. Bro Alan C. Callaway, OBE. PSGD. Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master. Installing Master at Consecration. Died 25. March 2006.
(Honorary Member)

W. Bro. Graham C. Scopes, PPGReg. (Middx) Founder Member 08 October 1920 - 05 October 2005.

W. Bro. Alan Mortimer, PPGStwd. 22 October 1948 - 26 February 2005.

W. Bro. Sam Northway, PSGD. Past Assistant PGM. South Wales E.D. 20 March - 07 October 2004.

Bro. Derek G. Thompson, 25 October 1942 - 03 December 2004.

Bro. Major Hugh C. Calder, 07 April 1937 - 2001.

W. Bro J.R. Coles, PPJGD. (Surrey) 03 March 1936 - 26 March 2001.

W. Bro. Ernest Caley, PPSGW. Died 10 September 2000.

Bro. Louis D.F. Bonnefin, Died 11 February 2000.

Bro. Keith (Tex) D. Banwell, BEM. NSC. Died 25 July 1999. read more here

Bro. Noel Ross ... WOII Noel Ross ... 15th November 1920 - 25th April 2012. read more here

V.W.Bro. James Stuart Peters, PGSwdB ... 10th April 1928 – 3rd April 2015
Founder member, Master 2010, Honorary member 25th April 2014

W. Bro Edward Hold PPSGW (Durham) 6th April 1921 - 11th August 2017 (Founder Member)

W. Bro Bertie Amos Fordham PPAGReg, LGR: Founder Member. 28.12.1925 - 18.01.2018

Bro. Steve Swallow - 16th. January 1971 - 30 January 2018.

W. Bro Brian Pugsley PPrJGD, PPrJGW (Middlesex) ... Passed away 28th November 2018
Brian was a Founding member of the Lodge and rarely missed a meeting, 

W. Bro Charles Arthur Bailey, PPSGW. PPGReg (Bucks)
Founder Member 8th December 1933 – 17th March 2019

W. Bro Alan Edward Lee PPAGDC, PPJGW(S.Wales)
5th January 1923 – 23rd March 2019

W. Bro. William R King PPDGReg (Bill) 
DoB. 27 April 1926 – Friday 27th. December 2019
Bill was a Founding member of the Lodge and for a long time rarely missed a meeting however for the last few years he stopped coming due to his age and health Bill was 93. He was made Honorary member on 22nd November 2011.

W. Bro Thomas (Tom) George Farrington PPSGD  PPGSuptWks (IOM) passed away peacefully and was called to the Grand Lodge Above 21st Jan 2020

Bro Jim MacDonald PPAGStB
Date of Birth 14/04/1934 - Date of Death 06/02/2020  
He was Tyler and then Almoner for many years and cared deeply about our Widows and members and will be sorely missed by his family and Masonic Brothers

Bro Eric E. Richards

27. 04. 1926  -  27. 12. 2019

William (Bill) Wood PPAGReg 26/06/1928 – 24/09/2020
William (Bill) Wood PPAGReg passed away peacefully on the Thursday 24/9/20.
Bill was initiated on 24th April 1994, after he became a master mason the following year he quickly became an integral member of the lodge and always was there to help set up the Lodge for meetings. He was Master in 1999 ... Even after his Laryngectomy he would still make an attendance and was he was made an Honorary Member in 2018.

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