[ Sgt Michael Willetts & Sgt Walter Beard ]

The names listed below are ex Para's or friends who have asked to be included ... if you would like to include a Soldier on this site, please let me know ... (twopara@gmx.com)

[ Cap Badge ]

[ 2 Para ]

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[ 3 Para ]

[ 4 Para ]

Roll of Honour:
Those that don't know, for eight years (2002 - 2010) I was the webmaster for "Palace Barracks Memorial Garden" website, October 2010 the Army took the site over with my blessing ... I hope that you like what I am doing for ex Para's and friends, please pass the link around to your friends, the logo takes you to those Killed in Action.

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Airborne Forces
May the defense of the Most High be above and beneath around and within us, in our going out and in our coming in, in our rising up and in our going down, through all our days and all our nights, until the dawn when the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings for the peoples of the world; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.




Former Regiment

Date of Passing



David John GARSIDE. GM

Parachute Regiment

11th July 1979

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Ken Prockter

33 PARA Light Regt RA



Roy Coles

3 Para

John Morrison

3 Para

Lt Col

Larry Orpen-Smellie OBE

1 & 3 Para / Brigade

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WO 2

Alan Mortimer

10 Para


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Mike Patey

55 AD Sqn RCT

John Wright

2 Para / 10 Para


Robert (Bob) Duffy

1 Para

30 May 2000


John Pearson


11 Dec 2005

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Malcolm Brown


February 2006

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Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley


11 March 2006

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Lt Colonel

Mike Argue


20 July 2006

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Lt Colonel

John Pine-Coffin


October 2006

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Bill Fone


4th March 2008

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Staff Sergeant

Frank Brett

Royal Artillery Paratrooper

12th June 2009

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Thomas Cunningham

6th Royal Welch Para Bn

25th Jan 2010

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Robert L Duncan


10 Para at White City from 1957 to 1964 before White City was at Support Company



Emmett Joseph Ryan

10 Para 1 Coy 1960 + / and HSF

12th April 2011


Charles Elliott

He served at Arnhem in operation market garden, he was captured but escaped with a couple of friends

12th March 2013, aged 89

Ray Gilbert

Past President of the 82nd US Airborne Division Association passed away after a long and courageous fight against his illness He was overwhelmingly friendly to us Brits and we will miss him. He was AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!

Frederick George Bryant 1915 Ė 1978

My name is Jessica Bryant Macdonald. I am 14 years of age and was privileged to be allowed to march with the British Airborne on Anzac Day Thursday 24th April 2008. This was the very first time and did so in honour of my grandfather. I was also very proud to wear his medals.

Although I never met my grandfather I now know that he was a very special person. When I was young my dad told me some stories about my grandfatherís wartime experiences, which were told to him by his mother. Iím afraid to say that these stories never caught my interest. One story that I do remember is my dad being told by his mother that my grandfather was wounded in the Battle of Arnhem suffering a gunshot wound to the head by an enemy sniper and then later being evacuated across the Rhine River. 

I have now learnt so much about the wars of the world and having found out that my grandfather was a participant in one of them, I would like to share with you some of my findings on his life and war time service ... Read more

Ranger Stuart McMaster. 25123315

1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment 
16th Air Assault Brigade.
27th July 1982  -  15th June 2002 ...
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[ Ranger Stuart McMaster ]

Bandsman Keith Powell

A personal tribute to Keith from his Mum (Mrs Patricia Powell)
We too lost a Son - a Brother - a Husband -a Dad ... Read more

Royal Green Jackets Bandsmen's who were killed
 in the Hyde Park & Regents Park Bombings
occurred on July 20, 1982.

Trooper William (Bill) Jeffrey Smart

Service No: 5731120.
Called-up 20 June 1940.
Release Section date: 25th February 1946
Served with: 2nd & 4th Bn Dorsetís Regiment then I think he served with The Black Watch then volunteered for the Army Commandos. No 3 Commando 2 Troop.

He trained at Spean Bridge near Fort William, Scotland and he was also billeted in Troon, Scotland and Wrexham, North Wales.

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[ Trooper William Geoffrey Smart ]

This story is dedicated to the memory of Rifleman McClatchey CJ 14424526

Joe McClatchey was my father he was the youngest boy of a family of seven. His father died when he was seven leaving his mother to raise them all alone. At the age of fourteen after seeing his older brother Billy join the Inniskilling Fusiliers and transfer to the Airborne ... Read more

My Dad left for Afghanistan the day after Boxing Day 2009, we had the best ever Christmas.
I was devastated to learn my Dad, my best friend was killed on 22/03/2010.
I will always remember and love my Dad, he will always be my Hero - I don't want anyone to ever forget Sjt Steven Campbell ... read more

[ Steven & his Son Brandon Campbell ]

Lance Corporal Ivano Violino (also known as "Sean") from 20 Field Squadron, 36 Engineer Regiment killed in southern Afghanistan on Monday 17 September 2007, based at

36 Engineer Regiment ... Invicta park, Maidstone

Lance Corporal Violino arrived in Afghanistan on 2 September 2007 and is sadly the first fatality from 36 Engineer Regiment. He leaves behind his wife, Katey Anne (known as Katey), and seven-year-old twins from a previous relationship, Ellie and Lewis.

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[ Lance Corporal Ivano Violino ]

Corporal Russell Aston, 30, was one of six members of the Royal Military Police shot dead during protests in Al Majar al-Kabir, near Basra, in southern Iraq on 24 June 2003.
The soldiers had been defending a civilian police station which came under attack.
Platoon commander Captain James Hibbert told the congregation: "To us Russ was invincible, surely no one like him could simply die. "He seemed too quick, too strong and too full of life to die. "He seemed impervious to danger, he was a loyal friend, an outstanding soldier and an exceptionally proud father".

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[ Corporal Russell Aston ]

From his loving Daughter Lorraine Sadler and her family.

In loving memory of a very special person, Bill Baggley, R/Constable murdered by Sinn Fein/IRA on 29th January 1974 in Dungiven Road, Waterside, Londonderry while on duty with the RUC GC

Also his Daughter

Who was fatally injured in a gun attack in Chapel Road, Londonderry. 
Linda Baggley R/Constable 2nd June 1976

[ Bill Baggley ]

The photo of these two men, the one on the right hand side his name as we knew him was Tony Whalley (our Father) but was christened John Anthony Whalley, he enrolled for the Royal Navy in 1943 and asked to be transferred to the Army in 1944. He served for a while then transferred to the 2 Cheshires then 13 Para, he definitely got his wings.

Missing out on major offensives but never the less getting posted to India, Palestine, Java, Egypt and possibly Malaysia/Singapore? He earnt his war medal but also campaign medal with clasp's S.E. Asia and Palestine.

Sadly I do not have the name of his colleague to his right but the photo has been lovingly restored.

Note:- Nick Whalley is the very kind gentleman who offered to do the logo, which I am proud to include on our website ... if you would like to contact Nick about his Father or the Logo he would be pleased to hear from you via e-mail.

[ John Anthony Whalley ]

AS a paratrooper he dodged bullets and bombs in Iraq ... 

But in a cruel twist of fate Liam Carmichael was killed in a road accident as he led a security convoy ... read more

WOII Noel Ross ... 15th November 1920 - 25th April 2012

Noel joined the Army Air Corps as a parachutist and transferred to the Parachute Regiment on it's formation in 1941. During his service he served in:-
Italy, Africa, France, Aden, Palestine & Arabian Peninsula, Hargeisa in Somalia, Wuppertal Germany, Nee Soon FETC Singapore, Northern Ireland and Taunton his final posting.

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[ Noel Ross ]

It is in remembrance of my friend Shane Scott (19) who died in 1978 when his chute didn't open. Robin Horsfall www.londonkarate.co.uk 

Do you remember me?

I watched you march past today,
In November light your hair showed grey.
A cold day.
Do you remember me?

Your children called as they ran alongside,
I saw the pride in your wifeís brown eyes.
No surprise
Do you remember me?

Youíre happy now as you march on by.
You promised to return but I saw the lie.
Donít cry.
Do you remember me?

You loved me then, do you love me now?
Brothers bound in mud and war
No more
Do you remember me?

You held me tight but the blood still flowed,
You ran and left me by the road.
Youíre old
Do you remember me?

Your medals worn with pride attest,
To heroes who fought with the best.
At rest.
Do you remember me?

The years are long and the ground is cold,
I watch you march with the old and bold,
From the cemetery,
Remember me, remember me.
Do you remember me?

Robin Horsfall 2011 ©

Shane Scott died in August 1978 in a parachute accident at Hankley Common. 
He was buried in Aldershot Military Cemetery... 
The two pictures are in South Armagh he was my number 2 on the LMG. 
After this tour when Vigilant Pl was attached to 1 Para he was killed one day after his 19th Birthday.

He is 3rd from left in 2nd picture

[ Shane Scott ]

[ Shane Scott ... 3rd from the left ]

[ Postcard of Flora Sandes in the Serbian Army, 1918 ]

The adventures of front-line Flora
By Louise Miller

The remarkable story of the only Western woman to enlist to fight in the First World War

(Left) ... Postcard of Flora Sandes in the Serbian Army, 1918; 

A Fine Brother: 
The Life of Captain Flora Sandes by Louise Miller is published by Alma Books, £25. 
To order a copy for £18.99, with free p&p, contact the YOU bookshop on 0843 382 1111 or visit www.you-bookshop.co.uk

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Jack Robson (second on the left)

Jack's Service record was 1942 to 1946 Glider Pilot Regiment, Jack Flew Glider into Normandy June 6 1944 and fought in the initial invasion of Europe, Jack flew a Glider into Arnhem and fought in the following battle, he was captured and a POW until the end of the war.

Sadly his wife pre deceased him and Jack was not one to talk much about himself, more of a golfer than anything else, engineer by training came to Canada in the early 60's and lived in St Catherine's Ontario

Lcpl Tay Cheeseman

May Angels Lead You In.
Swift & Bold
Lest We Forget

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Fred Marofarno

SAS legend who died yesterday (28th March 2013).

Fijian who fought in Dohfar amongst other conflicts. And he has suffered the loss of some of his "blood brothers" along the way. One was the best man at his wedding:

Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba died in the battle of Mirbat in Oman in 1972 – when nine SAS men fought for their lives against an attack by some 250 Adoo guerrillas.

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Fred Marofarno SAS legend

MICK (TICH) SLANEY 23 PFA - (Combat Para Medic)

It is may sad duty to inform you of the passing of my good friend Tich Slaney who died peacefully in his sleep last night, many of the old and bold from 'D' Company, 1 Para will remember Mick as the medic who saved a few guys lives in The Radfan when the 3 Tonner they were travelling in along the Dhala Road towards Ab Dimnah, hit a land mine, severely injuring about eight of the guys, incluiding Mick, he refused treatment on himself until he was sure that all the guys who were injured were OK, he adminstered them morphine, stopped their bleeding, treated their wounds, and eventually casevaced by Wessex Helicopters to BMH Khormaxer.

Mick was a very humble man and never discussed this incident with anyone, not even his own family, he was a Hero in everysence of the word. he was awarded the Mentioned in Dispatches which those that were injured say that it should have been the MM, and being typical Mick, his comments were, "I was only doing my job". A job well done Mick, and proud to have had you as a good friend.

Thanks to David Murphy for remembering his friend

'May The Everlasting Candle of Peace And Tranquility Burn For You In Eternal Remembrance'.


My memories of those six weeks doing my initial training, is the awful food, after two years of Mrs Bayliss’s wonderful cooking. And the bullying of Privates Hunt and Kent, by the Platoon Sergeant.

Ken and me went out a couple of times, but by the time you were considered smart enough to go, get past the Regimental Police on the gate you began to think, is it worth it. If they found one speck of dust on your boots, back to your Barrack room to remove it!
After six weeks I was posted to 35 Signal Training Regiment. RA. at Rhyl in North Wales. Luckily Ken and a few more of my mates were posted there also. Ken shared a chalet with me.

The Regiment was situated in a holiday camp, very nice. So Private King now became Gunner King.

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David King

Steve Pratt

Served 25 years 246 days and attained rank of Warrant Officer Class 2. Orderly Room Quartermaster Sergeant (ORQMS)

Discharged January 1996.

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Steve Pratt

Reg Curtis

The Memory Endures -

The Story of a Grenadier Guardsman and Pioneer of The Parachute Regiment, No. 2 Commando, 11th SAS, 1st Parachute Battalion

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Reg Curtis

Sgt Dave (Paddy) Brownlee

A coy 3Para 1963-1975 passed away 5th Jan 2015 ... read more

Sgt Dave (Paddy) Brownlee

William Baggley and his Daughter Linda Baggley

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RUC Crest

Lewi. m. lewis

2 Para ...

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Lewi. M. Lewis

Lewis Collins tribute 10 Para Soldier

A real hard man: Accepted by the SAS, Lewis Collins was even tougher than his legendary role in The Professionals...and, amazingly, he almost joined The Beatles

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28TH MARCH 1987 – 4TH SEPTEMBER 2011


RAF Benson

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John Charles Rogers (JR)

8th April 1943 - 20th September 2013

Always a little further

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John Charles Rogers (JR)


Obituary: The Rev Prebendary Francis Vere Hodge MC

Text written by Peter Denton and approved by Prebendary Francis Vere Hodge in 2010.

This obituary is released on behalf of the
Vere Hodge family ... Read more

Rev Prebendary Francis Vere Hodge

Christopher Sweeney passed away 19th January 2014.

He joined Junior Parachute Company (JPC) in 1967, then 2 Para, 2 years later, he was in 2 Para band ... Read more


Keith Banwell

Former paratroop sergeant Keith Banwell, who has died aged 81, served in half a dozen army units,

made three wartime escapes, twice faced a Gestapo firing squad, survived Auschwitz and made his last

parachute jump - his 1,001st - in his 78th year.

• Keith Demer "Tex" Banwell, soldier, born October 8, 1917; died July 25, 1999

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Tex Banwell

Sgt Binnie's mother, Janette, said:

"We are devastated at the loss of our son, Sean. We are very proud of him and he will be missed always. Sleep tight."

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Sgt Binnie

My Dad told me of the night they were crossing the Rhine. By now E Sadler Sgt RM, his troop were waiting inline to cross the River.
They had been allocated a particular amphibious vehicle, when at the last moment they were told to standfast and let a troop of yanks take their place .

They watched as the vehicle moved into the centre of the Rhine and received a direct hit from shell fire, there were no survivors.

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46 Commando

Bob Smith
Frank Neave

Bob (Shoulders) Smith [ far left ] and Frank Neave [right]


Bob Smith, ex Brit Paras, served in 11 Troop, 3 Commando, as the troop corporal from 1975 - 1977

Frank Neave was a lance-corporal in 11 Troop, 3 Commando from 1977-79

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Amanda Tiernan

A true Airborne Lady, Amanda was 100% for the Para's, her hero was her Dad.

A really great girl, Mother and Daughter.

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Amanda and her Dad

From Spike Marshall

The man in the picture is my great grandfather Frank Walker, he was a shunting train driver before the outbreak of war and as the introduction of the mechanised cavalry came more into the war he was picked from an infantry regiment (sherwood foresters I believe) to drive the mk1 tank on the Somme, I'm in no doubt his job on civvy street probably saved his life when he was transferred to the tanks.

He survived the war and ended up in Germany and then ultimately home where he became a train driver and passed away in 1963. Read more

Frank Walker

Peter Blackburn

I am sorry to say Peter died on Saturday 29th November 2014

From Mandy Bryant
Peter was one of my dads best friends in 2 para and I remember when he used to visit , he was a good man, I know how hard this time is for you and your family and my thoughts are with you all x

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Peter Blackburn

Sgt Isaac Murphy

Served with The Parachute Regiment 2 Para 1944-52 & 1955-69
Although he wasn't at Market Garden, Isaac was Johnny Frost's Batman for some time.

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Sgt Isaac Murphy

Ronald Waite (formerly known as Frank Ronald Waite)

Served in SAS with Hans Larson 4xMCs and VC also with 'Big' Paddy Mayne on multiple 'suicide missions'.

Ronald is in the middle of the group with his leg in plaster

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Frank Waite

Ronald Frederick Gurdin (King`s Royal Rifle Corps)

My dad was a proud man in his day and excelled in what he did after leaving the KORRC. He was a Carpenter and joiner and by 1963 he became a dad to me ... read more

Photo taken in the caves in reigate


6th June 1971 ~ 2nd Aug. 2013

Whilst doing a Training Parachute Jump in South Africa he fell 800ft and broke his back, he was very lucky as he had died twice but thanks to his friend with his swift actions he survived.

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Pte Michael Justin Bengough